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PURE Spa & Beauty partners with O2 Worx to launch Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Across the UK

PURE Spa & Beauty is proud to announce its partnership with O2 Worx by launching Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in 16 spa locations across the United Kingdom. This collaboration brings together the expertise of two of the UK’s leading wellness brands to offer clients cutting-edge therapy for enhanced health & aesthetic outcomes.

This revolutionary treatment involves breathing between 90 and 95% pure oxygen in a pressurised environment to speed up the body’s natural healing process. HBOT, loved by stars and athletes like Micheal Phelps, Le Bron James and Cristiano Ronaldo, offers a myriad of health benefits including cell regeneration & healing, improved blood circulation, boosted immune function & increased athletic performance.

Becky Lumsden, PURE Founder and CEO is thrilled to partner with another Scottish wellness business: “Over the last 21 years, PURE has become one of the most beloved spa and beauty brands in the country. And now, offering these more holistic, touchless, health and wellness therapies, like HBOT, signposts our entry into the wider wellness space. I’m thrilled we can now offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at 16 of our spa locations in the UK so our clients can feel all of the incredible benefits of PURE Oxygen.”

O2 Worx is a renowned provider of hyperbaric chambers and oxygen therapy solutions, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Through this partnership, PURE Spa & Beauty has equipped 16 of its spa locations with state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers from O2 Worx, ensuring a premium, results-driven experience. This partnership marks an exciting moment for O2 Worx CEO, Jonathan Penny comments, "I'm delighted that PURE not only acknowledges the amazing healing potential of oxygen therapy for the body and mind as a whole but has also entrusted O2 Worx with the delivery and installation of our chambers across several locations throughout the UK. This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and we are thrilled to be working with PURE on this new venture."

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be available at 16 PURE Spa & Beauty locations across Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Cheshire, Manchester, Birmingham, Peterborough, Bristol and London. For a detailed list, please visit


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