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Mike Bisset; my HBOT journey and the creation of O2 Worx

O2 Worx founder, Mike Bisset, explains what prompted him to set up the company and the incredible healing power this therapy holds.

Several years ago, I developed Dupytrens Contracture a condition in which one or more fingers become bent and contract towards the palm because of the development of fibrous tissue between the tendons of the fingers. Diabetes is a noted risk factor in the development and recurrence of the condition, and I am a Type 1 diabetic.

In my case lumps started appearing in the palm of my hand and my fingers contracted inwards, leaving me with limited movement and decreased function. Dupytrens Contracture is a condition that requires surgery to correct but unfortunately has a significant risk of recurrence.

A few years and several operations later I returned to my surgeon for what I assumed was the standard "cut and shut" operation only to be told that the best course of action at this point was to remove part of my hand including my little finger. For me, this was just not an option and so we agreed to redo the lengthy operation to release the tendons and delay the amputation for a few weeks and monitor the operation’s success.

Surgery and wound healing can be problematic at the best of times however when you add Type 1 diabetes into the mix it can be particularly tricky. I was told if there was no evidence of improvement the only option left would be to remove a portion of my left hand including my beloved little finger.

It is conversations like these that tend to focus the mind and Google quickly became my new best friend. Whilst researching for treatments that support or indeed accelerate the healing process hyperbaric oxygen therapy came consistently top. Having worked in the subsea industry for many years I am aware of the use of hyperbaric chambers when it comes to saturation diving, however what I was not so familiar with was the alternative healing applications of HBOT.

I called a local multiple sclerosis charity who operate hyperbaric chambers and booked eight sessions before returning for my two-week post-surgery check-up. The healing progress was such that the surgeon estimated he was looking at a post-operative wound 12-14 weeks old and not the two weeks that it had been. He knew very little about HBOT at the time, but by my second check-up had taken the time to do his own research and stated that I should continue to go the chamber as “It’s doing you more good that you realise.” The surgery was later cancelled and to date I am still with all my fingers intact with full mobility and zero side effects. This was truly an incredible turn around considering where I was weeks prior.

It is because of my own personal experience coupled with many months of research and study on HBOT and its positive and lasting impact across so many areas of health and well-being that I decided to set up O2 Worx. Since its inception in 2021 O2 Worx has been helping people improve their quality of life across a wide variety of conditions including long COVID, neurological conditions, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disorders, sports injury skin conditions and more.

There’s truly no better feeling than knowing the service and care we provide is making a difference to individual’s lives.



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